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Mabra, Expert

Molecaten 89
3772LL Barneveld
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)6 5313 7370

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Updated: 2014 11 24
The main fields of activity of the PARTZSCH Group are the manufacture, processing and repair of components for the electrical engineering sector. Our spectrum of services ranges from individual wire manufacture and the lasersupported generation of laminated cores to the installation of the in-house windings into new and repaired machines and components...
Electroputere Romania
  • Exn and Exd(e) in frame size 355-800 (Atex)
See website for complete range of motors / generators / inverters in power range: 0,09kW – 45.000 kW in safe, Exn, Exe and Exd(e).
Cast iron single and three phase motors in Atex Exd(e) IIB , IIC with dust protection in frame sizes: 40,63,71,80,90,100.

  • cast iron housings
  • Range: 2, 4, 6 and 8-pole and 2-speed
  • Brake motors with built-in standard brake (low weight)!
  • Encoder option
  • Easy change of flanges
  • Forced ventilation option

Minivar:built-in inverter in terminal box, poti or mA signal (230V-AC).